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Dr. Dan Berman, Healthcare Thought Leader is announcing that Dr. Dan Berman has a book deal with Aviva Publishing and the book should be available in the Fall 2018. The book title is:
Reaching Consensus about Change in Healthcare Delivery in the USA: The Dynamic Balance Model Framework



Three Pillars for Creating Healthcare Change

In creating change in the healthcare delivery space either inside an organization or at the community level there are four types of stakeholders that we should consider in one's analysis. They include realistically different types of stakeholders. They include representatives from the following:
  • a) Leadership at the Executive Organizational level, Consumer group executives, governmental executives
  • b) Marketplace Executives-These are executives from organizations that purchase healthcare services. These include governmental, industry, large and self insured companies, healthcare insurance companies, managed care companies, and labor unions
  • c) Clinical and Professional Associations-These include clinical member organizations like the American Medical Association etc

Research Findings/Papers

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Video Presentations

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